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Göcek'te sihirli tatilin sırları...
Göcek ambience is relaxed and unspoilt , has catered for the independent guests and its services are designed with a view to quality of Gulet Charter.

The Turkish Gulet is a traditionally designed wooden sailing yacht. Gulets, wooden boats have sailed across the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas for both fishing and trading with ancient civilizations.
Gulets have facilities on board to provide you with all necessary comfort and more for your memorable holiday.

A visit to the 12 Islands at GOCEK and see its historical and modern sights, cruising through the Mediterranean and Aegean sea.

Experiencing and feasting on traditional and sensual cuisines, The sailing paradise of GOCEK is home to the Blue Cruise. This fascinating cruise means sailing with the winds, into coves and over the seas and becoming one with nature.

It is also an experience of the history of the perspective of the sea rather than from the land, a journey which carries you to the private beach of Cleopatra, Olympos and archaeological remains of ancient civilizations. Blue Cruise at GOCEK, sailing in the clear waters provides great opportunities for swimming, fishing, skiing, surfing and diving.


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