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In the daytime it is possible to swim from the small   town beach, but you will probably prefer to take a trip to one of the beaches in the local nature reserves or a boat   to one of the lovely islands in the bay. Thought this area is called the 12 islands there are, in fact, far more than that and you could easily explore a different one each day of your holiday. On some you will find a simple restaurant, on others fragments of classical or Byzantine ruins, on others nothing but glorious peace and quiet.

Gocek has been transformed over the past several years to become the ‘in’ spot for saltallest boats, the bays of Göcek are one of the few places on earth that mariners can cruise throughout the year.

There are several islands, both large and small which are situated within the Gulf of Fethiye, such as Gocek Adasi, Tersane Adasi, Domuz Adasi, Yassica Adalari, Zeytinada, Kizilada, Tavsan Adasi and Katrancik Adasi.

In addition to these islands, you will also experience a number of enchanting bays such as Çiftlik Koyu, Doruklu, Osmanaga Koyu and Günlüklü Koyu, Boynuz Buku, Bedri Rahmi, Sirali, Sarsala, Manastir and Göbün.

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